Departing to . . .

Sunday June 28, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

After 50 yeas of dreaming, 6 months of talking and 5 months of planning, Jim, Jo Ann and Sammy threw off the mooring lines of the Namaste and departed the Harborage Marina in Boyne City, Michigan to “do the loop” (see the about tab later for more information about us and the loop).  We have many people to thank for helping us make this happen and if you are reading this, you are likely one of them – you know who you are so thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was a smooth departure except for letting the dinghy float away at the last-minute and realizing that Sammy’s life vest is way too small.  With the company of Pat, Heather, Lexi, Ashleigh, and Nate we managed our shakedown cruise to Sommerset Pointe Marina where we celebrated with champagne, raised the loop flag, and had a bon voyage dinner together.  We spent the night there for some minor engine adjustments and then set out for Leland on Monday (43 miles) with beautiful sunshine and calm seas.  The Namaste ran perfectly, Sammy assumed second mate status, and Jo Ann got her 10,000 steps in for the day.  We grilled chicken and microwaved corn on the cob for dinner and then slept ten hours.



Ahoy from Captain Jim and the crew!


Creating the blog! Let’s buy some easier software!

Quote of the day:  “Cruising means present moment living in nature!”

Boat name of the day:  Mental Floss

Gratitude of the day:  The love and support of so many!

12 thoughts on “Departing to . . .

  1. You guys will have so much fun, and create some great memories. Travel safe, and enjoy the beautiful scenery on your epic adventure!


  2. We are going to have your helm watch on shore while you guys ride the waves. Oh and yes, we are deeply happy you are doing this and green with envy. We are departing Nashville tomorrow for the expressway Marathon to our Hunter-SamiDog in Boyne. If we can get the rigging up and a few other tweeks taken care of smoothly..we promise to find you on the water. Hugs guys….


  3. Thanks for the opportunity to do this vicariously! I love being there with you on this fabulous journey. Seeing Sammy all comfy cozy put me at ease. I know you will be a great trio. Enjoy!


  4. From the basement of our two flat in Chicago: Enjoy the bright life up on the waves; we’ll be working on getting the walls painted upstairs, playing with Joey and Nic and looking forward to some time with Leonie in a couple weeks. Great you had Pat and Heather and the kids to make sure all is good!


  5. Looks like fun, enjoy. All is well here. Say HI to Sammy. Not sure I’m doing this right, hope you get this. Nancy


  6. Hi Joanne and Jim. Evie shared your blog address with us. I am looking forward to sharing your adventure in my land bound high desert environment! Nakeesha


  7. This is so darn exciting! Love your pictures, the quote of the day, the boat name of the day and your gratitude–I will live vicariously! I think the boat Mental Floss is from Spring Lake–he lives up the road from us! Stay safe and enjoy! (I am in DC at the CCFD mtg. and am missing you JoAnn!)


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