August 2 – 7, 2019

(Readers, please feel free to skip this paragraph as it is more for our records than of interest to you!)

August 2 – TSW Lock 12 Campbellford to Rice Lake Anchorage (33 miles & 5 locks)

August 3 – Rice Lake to Peterborough City Marina (24 miles & 1 lock)

August 5 – Peterborough Marina to Lock 22 at Nassau Mills (5 miles & 3 locks)

August 6 – Lock 22 to Lock 26 at Lakefield (5 miles & 4 locks)

August 7 – Lock 26 to Lock 31 at Buckhorn (22 miles & 3 locks)

August 8 – Lock 31 Buckhorn to Lock 32 at Bobcaygeon (18 miles & 0 locks but weather)

Miles traveled this blog: 107

Total Miles Traveled:  6567

After three days at Campbellford celebrating and preparing, we ventured into more locking challenges.  On the waterways before the Trent Severn (TSW) we had been alone in the locks or with Melody but now the traffic picked up and locking became a three but most often four boat adventure.  Thus, more difficult and time-consuming waiting for space, getting everyone in, secured and back out again safely.  Captain skill levels vary considerably!

On our first night out of Campbellford we anchored in Rice Lake.  It was a gorgeous day and the forecasts were all good so we pulled up to a beautiful spot within First Nation territory, dropped anchor and had a refreshing swim, tasty dinner, quiet evening and energizing cup of morning coffee onboard.




















Sunset complete with fire tower watching over the islands.

S8eVbd%kR86FduKPEupsugMelody, in first light.


See the ripple (center) caused by a little fish in the stillness.

3KbogiG5TJOeqIKBGnSnHQJfi05a6nTbeJtrSI0Gi+wQDaybreak, 8/3/19

The 45 locks on the TSW are really only 42 because some locks are “missing” or were decommissioned years ago.  However, I mainly want to highlight the Peterborough Lift Lock, the most spectacular so far.  We arrived a day ahead of our planned lift in order to take a tour of the lock and understand how it works, what to expect and what will be expected of us going through.   The Parks Canada people were more than accommodating to the 12 Loopers.

478reWdTSPurUzr3el0JOwApproach to Peterborough Lift Lock – only slightly intimidating!

ShFtrUGtSryqcSYVsjp8KQPeterborough Lift Lock looking up.


Peterborough Lift Lock looking down.

yigcR1XDTEK10pcAFojUhgThe shaft that carries on tubs – looking at ground level.  There is an 85′ hold in the ground that the shaft descends and raises with each lift for each tub.

IMG_1867On tour under the lift learning more than I ever cared to know about physics!

IMG_4400Jim and Dan conversing with the Lift Lock Master and tour guide.  What a great teacher!


Lucky Julie (Pilgrim) was selected to work the lock for a complete lift including p.a. announcements for the crowds.  Go Julie Go!

IMG_4399Our tour group including Misty, Encore, JADIP, Pilgrim, Melody and Namaste!

Briefly, the famous Peterborough Lift Lock was completed in 1904 at a cost of $500,000 and was an engineering marvel of the time (look for it on YouTube).  The mechanism basically consists of two tubs side-by-side, each weighing 1300 tons when filled.  One tub is always up and the other is always down balancing one another.  Boats (1-6/tub depending upon size) enter the lower tub and others enter the higher tub at the upper level.  When it is time to transition or lower one and raise the other, an extra foot of water (130 tons) is released into the upper tub allowing it to push down 65’ and raise the lower tub 65’ to the top level taking only 90 seconds.  The tubs are then fastened into place and that extra foot of water is released from what is now the lower tub.  The gates open and everyone goes happily on their way.  Actually, this type of lift is in some ways easier to manage because there is no water turbulence involved for the boaters.   An important take away was that the simplicity of design has withstood the test of time.  Any attempts to upgrade it with newer technology have ended in disappointment.


This picture is a little confusing but taken by me as we were lifting and the other tub (center bottom) was lowering.  Note the rounded grate access door and the orange life ring.

Then it was full speed ahead to complete the many locks, tying-up overnight to the rural, pristine adjacent parks with no power or facilities but an abundance of peace and quiet.  Two consecutive nights we slept to the tune of muffled but roaring waterfalls.  Have I mentioned the Loons?  We have seen and heard several but they are difficult to photograph as they prefer to dive.  However, two have responded to Jim’s Loon whistle by rearing, puffing their white chests, and spreading their wings in acknowledgement of their reputation and beauty.  Next to the Blue Heron, my favorite bird of the trip!

8gQu1X%jSXO2ZyRwa6zOXgMy best Loon photo so far!

At last the pressure of continuous locks has subsided and we find ourselves in the middle of Ontario Cottage Country, northwest of Toronto – spectacular and clearly the highlight of the Trent-Severn Waterway.  There aren’t words so I will let the photos speak for themselves.










Today our plan had been to get to Fenelon Falls but we bailed below the Bobcaygeon Lock due to the weather forecast of thunderstorms and high winds.  We grabbed a coveted, free wall with power deciding to spend the day and night.  There seems to be good shopping here too!   At first it looked like the weather might pass over but we are currently sitting in one of the heaviest downpours we have seen all summer accompanied by lightening, low visibility and high winds.  Whew, dodged that bullet. Captain Jim, thanks for the right call!  Since the winds tomorrow are predicted in the 20-33 range we will probably stay another day.

d0BvM4G9SCyjdaPXEeENVQNamaste at rest in Bobcaygeon

DDx3r4lTS9yr9eMByTEBOQIf there aren’t flowers it isn’t Canada!

Good Boat Name:  Sun Burn (on a sailboat with red canvass)

Bad Boat Name:  Cirrhosis of the River

Quote of the Day:  “We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive, but we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.”  _the Mankind Project

Happy Birthday to:  Joe, Judy, Libby, Kirsten,

Congratulations to:  Author Mike on his new book, Grind.  We are so very proud of you!









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