The Final Send-Off from Chicago – Days 61-66 with a total of 403 miles traveled

We left Hammond Marina on Thursday, August 27th heading into Chicago for a celebratory family weekend. Friday was Curt and Brooke’s 5th Anniversary, Saturday was Brooke’s birthday and Monday was a final farewell until October. The boat was moored at the downtown marina shown in the skyline picture below while we stayed together in a three-bedroom apartment, walking distance and short cab rides to everything. Three good sleeps in a stationary bed was a true pleasure. Sammy expressed her delight in firm grounding and cousin attention as well.

Thanks to Veta for her planning expertise and first hand knowledge of what and how to do Chicago. Highlights included a shopping trip on Michigan Avenue for the ladies, time for Grandpa and Liam alone on the Namaste to “fix things”, cousin play time, a long delicious Italian dinner, a three hour trip to King Spa, a visit to friend Sasha’s new home on the North side, and loads of time to hang out, talk, eat junk food and play cards.

It was hard to see everyone depart back to their real lives at Camp Lookout and Ann Arbor this morning but so happy to have had the visit. Pat, Heather and their team didn’t make it for about ten good reasons including Ash’s hockey camp that Dad coached last week, varsity volleyball practice for Lex, and a visit from Grandma Ollie among the most important factors. They were missed but here in spirit, we know.

We have now paid the bills, provisioned, and purchased a new hand held radio (as backup) to communicate with the bridge tenders, lock masters, and tug boat captains along the way. Tomorrow morning we head down the Chicago River managing a lock within the first mile – right across from Navy Pier. Talk to you on the other side.

Happy Birthday to Brother Bill tomorrow – September 2nd!

Best Boat Name:  Dancing on Water

Worst Boat Name:  Skull Crusher (assuming they mean the boom on the sailboat)

Chicago Skyline Panorama

Chicago Skyline Panorama

Chicago Skyline from Namaste

Chicago Skyline from Namaste who was eventually parked for 5 days in the marina below the buildings.

Sunrise from Echo 60 in the DuSable Harbor, Chicago

Sunrise from slip Echo 60 in the DuSable Harbor, Chicago

Shopping on MIchigan Ave!

Shopping on Michigan Ave!

The Chicago Send-Off Crew From our apartment balcony

The Chicago Send-Off Crew
From our apartment balcony

3 thoughts on “The Final Send-Off from Chicago – Days 61-66 with a total of 403 miles traveled

  1. Your photos are wonderful. I’m sure the weekend was equally thrilling. Your travels must be getting a bit more challenging with the new area and systems to learn. I have no doubt you will do well. Keep an even keel ; ) !!!

    Love, Judy Sent from my iPhone



  2. Enjoying your news, happy you had some land time, watch for the barges and etc etc etc. Do you get the Shipping CHannel on FB, I so love it. Always loved running up and down the Detroit River with the boys when they were little and watching the freighters. There have been some of late from the Calumet River, thought of you when they were received. Journey well, journey safe. Until your next words of sailing. Missy and Bill send love and good wishes.
    Love sharing the shipping channel and the ships in motion with the horns blaring their arrival and departure with kids out here. Who can’t even begin to imagine the freighters let alone the Great Lakes.


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