Pickwick Lake to Pickwick Lake

Days101-122; October 6-28; Aqua Yacht Harbor where if you’re in the marina restaurant you are in Mississippi and if you are out on the dock you are in Tennessee. Namaste had a good long rest while we traveled back to Michigan for a fix of family and friends. Total miles traveled: still 1217

On October 6 we rented a car and left beautiful Pickwick lake for the 11 hour, relatively easy trip to 1563 Blue Heron Drive. It was great to be at home enjoying the comforts of our own bed and recliner reading chairs. Mostly we relished seeing important family and friends. Thanks to everyone for accommodating our schedule for a meal, a glass of wine or cup of coffee and making the time special.

Grandchildren highlights included Lexi’s homecoming and league championship volleyball game, Ashleigh’s girl’s hockey game, Liam’s archery and newly acquired hockey stick handling skill, Klava’s winning soccer team, Nate’s learn-to- skate lessons, and a visit to Leonie’s new school. A big favorite was spending a regular Wednesday with Nate and Leonie at Grandma and Grandpa’s. We slipped back into our old routine together without a blink.

While gone Jo Ann traveled to Santa Fe to visit Evie and to Denver for the Council on Social Work Education Annual Conference. Both were memorable personal and professional events. The only down side was missing Veta’s birthday extravaganza which was a tremendous success by all accounts. Cannot wait to see the pictures.

Jim. Curt and Sammy went to Camp Lookout to finalize closing her down for the season including putting the pontoon boats to bed. He also made a new captain’s chair base and figured out how to attach the ipad to the nav station for easier reading of the charts. Both work perfectly.

On Sunday October 25 we shopped in our kid’s DVD and game closets, packed up new stuff we don’t need to replace the old stuff we didn’t need and headed south again. Good news was that it was a gorgeous trip with rain for only the last hour. Bad news was that it then rained for 60 hours straight – the residual of tropical storm Patricia. We slept for 13 hours, re-provisioned the boat, and left Pickwick Lake on Thursday to reconnect with friends and buddy boaters, Ron and Vickie onboard Sea to See. Oh yes, you know you’re back in the South when you see an open carry weapon and chitlins for sale at Kroger. Also, did you know that the Mississippi State Flag has the Confederate Flag embedded within it?

Quote of the Day:  “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”  -Anais Nin

Boat Name of the Day: H2OME

Bad Boat Name of the Day: Runnin Amok

Bad Town Names of the Day: Crittersville, Ohio or Bucksnort, Tennessee

Get well Beverly

Happy Birthday Elizaveta, our wonderful daughter-in-law and Chris Poppenger

Rest in Peace Helen Vizina (1918-2015). Yes, that is 97

Lexi's volleyball team in the Milford Homecoming Parade 2015

Lexi’s volleyball team in the Milford Homecoming Parade 2015

Lexi waiting for Thomas and the Homecoming dance.

Lexi waiting for Thomas and ready for the Homecoming dance.

Ashleigh playing for the Kensington Valley Raven's.

Ashleigh playing for the Kensington Valley Ravens.

Liam handling the puck during archery.

Liam handling the puck during guy’s archery.

Go Klava go!!!!

Go Klava go!!!!  #2

Nate at learn-to-skate. Should I be a hockey player or a race car driver?

Nate at learn-to-skate. Should I be a hockey player or a race car driver?

Leonie on her way to School.

Leonie on her way to School and so excited.

Melo - the new addition to the Mike, Veta, Liam, Klava family.

Melo – the new addition to the Mike, Veta, Liam, Klava family.  Nope, not one of Sammy’s pups.

Jo Ann holding the Dean Schneck Memorial Award at CSWE.

The Dean Schneck Memorial Award at CSWE, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Pickwick Lake to Pickwick Lake

  1. It was great to have you home. I look forward to the next visit and catching up again with your adventure. Enjoy!!!! We will keep you updated from here.


  2. What a fabulous post…so newsy and so well written! Thanks for sharing…glad you are safely back on the water and enjoying. It was sublime to be able to spend time with you in Denver and AA, & looking forward to seeing you again next time. Such great photos, too, Jo…you could have another career in photography! Lexi looks so much like you now, lucky Lexi…and all the grands look wonderful, as do you. Keep these coming as the muse inspires, and enjoy! love, Penny


    • I so enjoyed being with both you and John in Denver and our mist special group in AA. Thanks for your lovely comments. I finally figured out how to respond. Be well and I hope to post agsin soon. Reception is patchy at best here on the Tenn-Tom.


  3. Hi, my name is Bruce Wilder and my sister and I had the houseboat “Aft of Eden” We saw you at Clifton Marina and I think one other time….I guess at Pickwick. WE got as far as Demopolis, ALA and called it a trip. No problems, just a little “been there, done that” We had to rent a car and drive back to Alton, Ill and pick up the truck and trailer. We hauled out on Oct 10th and headed back to Monterey. Made it safely here on the 20th. Thinking of cruising the Sea of Cortez. Have you guys contemplated that? Namaste


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