From High Adventure to High Resort Living

Days 215-224; January 27- February 4, 2016

Total Miles Traveled: 2477

From Banana Bay Marina to Faro Blanco Marina on Marathon. Note: we have traveled one whole mile south since the last post!

First report is that we finally have real summer! It has been warm, sunny and beautiful until this morning when there is a warm rain that varies between a tropical downpour and a gentle shower. I cannot remember the exact stats but the normal southern Florida rainfall for January is something like 1“ and we have had 12+”. That is a lot of rain, not to mention the wind, lightening and thunder but we are not complaining just reporting and the sun is forecast for later today. Promise, I won’t mention the weather again.

You may remember my earlier comment about marina reservations. As we crossed the Gulf we had none and no phone coverage to make the important calls. Fortunately as we approached shore, Mike and Flint made space for us in the Banana Bay Marina and we are grateful for our stay there with lots of other loopers. It fit the Keys perfectly – just slightly off center or “Keysee” as they say.

The very first morning there we awoke to confusion on the dock as a manatee lay on her back two slips down drinking fresh water from a dripping water hose. It was great fun to watch her but it is against the rules to allow these animals access to fresh water as it is not healthy for them, so it was a short lived event.

Other highlights include the friendly folks, great pool and beach facing the Gulf. The Hurricane restaurant next door offered bargain meals of the decade – Taco Tuesday (tacos for $150 each so my dinner was $4.50 with a big glass of water) and Wing Wednesday ($.35 wings in countless flavors and heats).

We would have stayed but they had reservations to honor so we moved on to the beautiful and squarely on-center, non-Keysee, Faro Blanco Marina (Hyatt) just one mile south down the beach. The dock master and staff are the nicest and most helpful yet. Interestingly many of them came from the Hawk Cay Marina just north of here where Curt taught sailing back in about 2003.

The marina hosted a Polker Run the day we arrived (think very big, fast and loud cigarette boats in competition). Someone said that one boat made it the 50 miles to Key West in 26 minutes which would be about 100+ mph, a gazillion gallons of gas at a cost of $3,000+.  It was great fun to see but everyone was relieved upon their noisy departure Sunday morning when things got back to normal.

The bad news good news is that Jim lost his wallet on Sunday and found it wedged behind stuff in the hanging locker on Monday. Of course we had reported all credit cards, ordered new drivers license and insurance cards, etc. etc. Lesson learned is that recent copies of the front and back of everything in your wallet is priceless!

I have found a great, if temporary, walking buddy – Nancy, retired psychologist from Ohio. We have walked all but one day since we arrived at Faro Blanco. I even logged 18,500 steps once and then slept like a rock for 10 hours. We usually walk to the Seven Mile Bridge connecting Marathon to the south – an old railway bridge that has been converted to a walking, biking trail with a continuous view of the turquoise, crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see.

Mostly we have been hanging out by the pool and exploring the nearby coast in our dinghy. There are no real sandy beaches given the make-up of the Keys but the ambience` and a good internet connection are making me most happy.

Quote: “You guys are on a vacation from your vacation.”-anonymous

Boat Name of the Day: “On your mark. . .” one of the thunder boats.

Bad Boat Name of the Day: “Ultimate Bitch” Really?

Happy Birthday to brother, Kevin on the 9th and nephew Carson on the 7th!

‘til next time. . .


Windy Day in Banana Bay Marina


Private Island just off the shallow channel entrance to Banana Bay Marina.  Rents for $4,000/week including the boat!


Resort living – thatched roofs, palm trees, blue skies and warm temperatures!


Go fast boats.  Nates comment: “My want one of those.”


Faro Blanco Resort on race day.  Note Jim and Sammy on the dock checking it all out.  Also, Faro Blanco means White Lighthouse.


Seven Mile Bridge – made for walking, running, biking and viewing.  Marathon is mos tourist friendly.


The view from where I sit writing this.  Namaste is 50 yards to the right of this picture.


Cedar at almost 3 months.  We will see him and everyone coming to the Keys in a week.  Cannot wait!  Note the deep sea play mat.






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