Hangin’ on Captiva

March 30 – April 7, 2017

Miles traveled:  0

Total miles traveled:  3275

Upon arrival at the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island and awaiting Mike, Veta, Klava, Oscar and Ashleigh, we knew that once again we had to leave the marina over the weekend due to full slips reserved for two different boating rendezvous.  This meant that we would have to move the 15 or so miles back south to the Sanibel Marina in what turned out to be some pretty heavy weather plus we plan to continue our travels north after the family visit UGH!   As we get better at figuring out marina culture, we were hoping for cancellations due to the weather.  We procrastinated on our forced departure and sure enough folks were cancelling and the harbor master was more than happy to have our money for the full week!  Today we remain on Captiva waiting, once again, for the weather to settle.  Last night Sammy didn’t sleep a wink due to 20-25 mph winds with the doors rattling, the lines squeaking, the rigging whining and the dinghy bumping.  Having seen pictures of the snow in Michigan today and given the amenities at one of the nicest resorts on one of the nicest beaches in FL, I am truly not complaining.



Captiva Island Beach Beauties

The family visit exceeded expectations in one of the most beautiful places anywhere:  rest and relaxation for us with daily work-outs for Mike; catching-up with long morning conversations over coffee on the deck; swimming in 5 different pools; walking the beach selecting shells and swimming in the big waves; spectacular sunsets; delicious meals in funky and elegant places (The Mucky Duck, R.C. Otter’s, The Bubble Room, and Harborside Bar and Grille sitting at the same table as four years ago when were just getting to know Veta and Klava); girl-time of shopping for fun and fashionable stuff, doing nails and braiding hair;  playing Old Maid and hang man; ukulele/song serenades by Klava; continuous gazing and cherishing of  Oscar who found his toes and loved the ceiling fans.  His favorite pass-time consisted of long naps with Mom and the spinning, disco, mirrored globe in the Bubble Room coming in second.  A great time was had by all!  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes. . .

Pool fun


Ashleigh and Klava at sunset from our deck


Fun and Fashion

Tunnel of Love at the Bubble Room

They flew away on Wednesday afternoon (5th) leaving Jim, Sammy and me to relish in the afterglow.  On Thursday and today (7th) fighting a tinge of let-down, we decided to stay and enjoy the resort before heading North tomorrow.


Gonna miss them!

Currently we are tied up at the Offshore Sailing School dock where Curt taught sailing 15 or so years ago here on Captiva.  There are 26’ day-sailboats, 40’ open water boats and a 48’ cat.  It is entertaining to watch the students and staff work together, or not.  Yesterday during a docking exercise the spring and bow lines were looped (no pun intended) around a piling as the captain attempted to swing the boat in against the wind.  Under great strain and not as expected, the piling broke off at the water line sending everyone scurrying to figure out what to do next.  Believe me everyone had a different idea!


I think it was that black piling above that broke off right next to the Namaste

As I have said, it is the people we meet who make this adventure.  One morning while walking Sammy on the beach, I met Chef Lisa, from Cleveland, here recuperating and visiting her daughter.  We connected, had a lovely about-life conversation before parting ways.  Charles, the harbor master, is a kind guy and a wealth of information dealing masterfully with entitled people.  Last night a delightful young family from Minneapolis stopped by the Namaste as I was doing dishes to ask questions such as:  Do you live on this boat? Did you sail here from Michigan?  Do you sail across the ocean?

Sammy Sayz:  They think the family visit was great but I’m thinking what about me? My hang out places were limited to alone on the Namaste during the day or alone on the screened porch of the condo at night with maybe a few “atta girls” along the way.  What is it with this no pet policy?  Next time I’m gonna bark every 15 seconds all day and all night. On the other hand, I did get to run, run, run on the tennis courts at night.

IMG_3643Who’s pouting?


Quote of the Day:  “We don’t have WiFi so you will just have to talk to one another.”  Sign at R.C. Otter’s, a local watering hole



Good Boat Name:  Blew By You (in blue letters on a go-fast boat)


Bad Boat Name: none today


Happy Birthday to:  Lucy (belated), Lisa

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