We Win When February is Fantastic!

February 26 – March 7, 2018

Miles Traveled: 0

Total Miles Traveled: 3651

This blog entry highlights a visit from our youngest son Curt, Brooke, Leonie (5) and Cedar (2) – the camp family.  They stayed almost a week: sharing time, fortifying our relationship with the kiddos and adding preschool energy to the Namaste.  Leonie and Cedar loved living on the boat while Curt and Brooke relaxed in the evenings and worked in the mornings in a nearby hotel with a beach and pool – perfect set-up for all!  The pictures tell the story so I will leave it there.


Checking out the accommodations,


a summertime suppertime aboard the Namaste,


driving from down below,


and up top,


or maybe the dinghy is better?



EpqbXs7tRyaP9UUGT7ll5QThe beach is best,


or maybe the pool,


or early morning adventures,


or three trips to the ice cream store in 24 hours!


Mostly though we love just hanging-out on board the Namaste, checking out the engine room,


playing cars,


creating and serving snacks,


catching up,


and living it up!


Enter a caption

As you can imagine, we loved having everyone here.  However, our re-entry has mirrored re-entry after any vacation – a lot tired, a little sad but mostly filled with gratitude and great memories.  Sammy is still recovering.  On the winning side, Nancy has nominated and conferred upon us the most February visitors award!

Life in Fort Pierce continues to more than fulfill our expectations.  In fact, we believe that Hutchinson Island and the “Treasure Coast” are a well-kept Florida secret.  This three county section of the Atlantic Coast was likely named in an effort to distinguish it from Miami and the “Gold Coast” to the south.  Historically, the discovery of treasure from the 1715 Treasure Fleet lost in a hurricane near the Sebastian Inlet, was of major local importance and brought international attention to the area.  Visitors continue to search the beaches for washed-up treasures!

As for real life, I am enjoying (that might not be exactly the right word) my jazzercize class on MWF at the Veterans Community Center.  No Judy and Maureen, it will never take the place of our great walks around Dunham Lake.  Speaking of exercise, I try to walk 10,000 steps every day.  The report per my Fitbit for last week was a commendable a 69,992 steps, just eight steps short!!   I’m crediting life with a two year old as the secret to success!


Pick up those feet!

We enjoy the wonderful beaches, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon but also when the wind is up and the surf comes crashing in.  The inlet/jetty between North and South Hutchinson Islands is a happening place if you like boats, funky restaurants and people watching.



Kite surfing in 8′ waves.  And this dude getting air is even older than he looks!  (Photo taken from the end of a very long jetty!)


Another local and literal treat is the S & S take-out.  This tiny operation creates 3 gourmet entries ($8-12), several salads and desserts each day, posts them online and has them ready for pick up just before dinner.  Love it!

It wouldn’t be a blog post without boat updates and repairs (emergency and otherwise).  The morning after the “kids” left, the aft cabin head (toilet to non-boaters) began to malfunction (emergency).  Boat plumbing is a nightmare of the highest order, second only perhaps to electrical problems.  I will spare the gruesome details but a quick check of YouTube, two trips to the hardware store, buckets, tools, gloves, lots of paper towel and three hours later all is good – except that there is another head in the forward cabin just waiting for an inconvenient moment!  BTW, the plumbing fix needed was a new  “joker valve”, not funny!

Another maintenance necessity (scheduled) was having the boat bottom cleaned.  For those of you familiar with fresh water boating this would never be a problem but here in Florida, everything imaginable clings to and then grows on the bottom of your boat.  We hired two divers to go below and scrape the bottom clean – a job you might imagine when your 9-5 is getting you down!  YUCK!  The good news is that the zincs (sacrificial material that protects underwater metal parts) are still 70% serviceable.

Good Boat Name:  “Follow Me” – think about the implications

Bad Boat Name:  “Olephartz”

Quote of the day:  “Oh no!”  -Jo Ann upon realizing today she had sent a significant Amazon order to Faro Blanco Marina in Marathon instead of to the Fort Pierce Marina –  a consequence of hitting the “buy with one click” Amazon option.

Happy Birthday:  Vickie (belated, so sorry!), Heather and Ilene



CONGRATULATIONS:  Lady Mavs (Milford High School downhill ski team) for taking 4th place in the State behind Marquette and two Traverse City teams.  I also understand that Klava is lighting up the basketball court while Lee has the lead in his school play next week – break a leg!

4 thoughts on “We Win When February is Fantastic!

  1. Hi JoAnn and Jim,
    Your pictures do tell it all. Right now I am feeling the joy I see on your faces as Emily and Zach (her fiance) just arrived in Hawaii last evening. We have 2 glorious weeks with them! Thanks again for your great posts-I enjoy your writing, photography and willingness to share your great adventure with friends! How great is it that the Lady Mavs came in 4th!! I’ll share that with Emily. Looks like Marty Neighbors is no longer coach?
    Nothing like a “head” problem to take you right back to the reality of life……..we understand and have had our own minor issues with this in our RV-along with many other things that are so different from home repairs! Looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood this summer!


  2. Always good to catch up with you. Glad to hear you are still enjoying Hutchinson Island. I have never been there but when I lived in Dunham Lake a friend of mine moved there to open a coffee shop with his new wife. I often wonder if they are still there. His name was Paul Chovanec and her name was Lynn I believe. Maybe one day you will run into them. Enjoy living your beautiful life.


  3. Hi JoAnn ( & Jim), Jo your blogs are always so informative, well written and interesting! I still think you have a book in your future- and hope you put it all together someday towards that. There is so much passion and energy emitting from your entries -they are truly engaging, compelling – even addictive. Keep up the good work and hope you and Jim continue to enjoy the loop. I miss you – as does everyone in. The CSgroup- butbas the nicer weather threatens to arrive we will see you in the not far distant future😘❤️ Love to you both, Penny


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