Hurricane Michael Finds Us at the Annapolis Boat Show

October 9-16 – Annapolis, MD/Watergate Pointe Marina

Miles traveled this blog: 0

Total miles traveled:  5195

. . . continuing the Annapolis stay, we spent the day on Wednesday, October 10 playing around the Namaste, making small repairs, applying a 5th coat of teak oil to the deck, cleaning up and creating space for our expected guests to arrive the following day.

We had hoped to anchor or “catch a mooring ball” while in Annapolis but hurricane turned tropical storm Michael was screaming his way up from the panhandle toward us and company was coming.  While not anything like what others experienced from this horrific storm, we got gallons of rain (1.5 inches minimum in a few hours) followed by winds in the high 30s with gusts to 55.  We were secure at the dock except that our lines stretched and Jim continually checked and tightened them throughout the night.  The noises were loud, strange and we rolled around hours on end.  Sammy was not a happy puppy!


The last blue ski we saw before the storm.


The Namaste  sits in her Annapolis berth.  Note the many lines and bumpers keeping her secure!

  This, Watergate Point Marina, seems to have quite a history, right here on the west bank of Back Creek, Annapolis.  In addition to the 7 docks, along the waterfront, is a huge complex of 60s apartments.  The grounds are beautifully kept and it is clear that renovations are in progress to everything including the marina facilities.  Hence, the 100 or so boats in the marina are currently using a single bathroom/shower attached to an in-progress apartment reno.  It is a lovely bathroom but I cannot imagine the line when it was great boating weather.  At any rate it is a place for long walks and sweet boat envy.


Back Creek.  Annapolis is on the Severn River.

Our friends Jenny Lynn and Dan, Loopers and previous ,owners of Gypsy Spirit, now Namaste Too, met us for the Boat Show at the Annapolis city docks and stayed three days.  They have been more than helpful as we learned about trawlers – docking, engines, electronics, head systems, and all else powerboats.  It was a pleasure to have them occupy the V-birth and spend hours catching up in the salon of the Namaste Too when we weren’t looking at boats..


Water taxi ride.  We still scored 10,000 plus steps each day.


The well used Annapolis Water Taxi. For $5 it takes you anywhere you want to go.  Jim and Dan both thought that would be a great captain’s job!

Speaking of boat envy, as we entered the 69th annual Annapolis Boat Show on a sunny and warm morning we came first upon the Hinkley exhibit where $4M bought a picnic model which isn’t really meant to live aboard.  Nothing in the show was affordable but everything was to envy.  In fact, the new boats confirmed that our choice of a classic old boat made sense to us over and over again.  No sour grapes here!  For fun we studied the interior décor, fabrics, carpets and decorative nautical “chotskies” to gradually upgrade the Namaste.  The following day we perused the brokerage docks (affordable and not so affordable used boats) with a quick trip through the vendor isles in big white tents.  A boat show tee shirt and nautical earrings were all that was purchased – half of what it cost for Show tickets!


No I didn’t take the picture and yes, we looked at every boat.


The Dog House – 40′ Hinckley

We enjoyed two lunches at the historic Middleton Tavern (est. 1750) where negotiations were held between the Army and Navy for the land where the naval academy now stands.  In paying our Am Ex bill today, I found that we had been charged for three lunches instead of two over the two days.  Apparently the swipe of a credit card can inadvertently pick up the charge immediately before or after yours and we had been charged $28 dollars for two drinks which they thankfully and easily refunded.  Note to self:  always check statements for double restaurant billings of different amounts on the same day!


Middleton Tavern.  While for good reason dogs weren’t allowed into the show, the town is dog friendly.  Note the two blue water dishes.

Our final day together we hopped on a 75 minute walking tour of the impressive Naval Academy, about a hundred yards from the Boat Show.  It is almost as classic a campus as MSU and with their acceptance rate of 1:17, their retention rates at the end of the first year of 96% and at graduation of 89%, the academy has an incredible history and fascinating story.    Everyone graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree even though there are a variety of non-science majors available.  The core curriculum is all about math and science preparing these mid-ship men and women for naval or marine careers.  Perhaps most impressive are the physicality requirements for graduation. You don’t have to be fit when you arrive but will be when you leave.  While tuition, housing and spending money are all provided, there is a five year commitment as a commissioned officer after graduation.


The Protestant and Catholic Chapel you see from almost anywhere in Annapolis


Naval Academy: Service, Patriotism and Tradition!


The Cheerleaders ready for the Navy/Temple football game.  This building originally housed basketball games  but is now the Student Center.  Note the flags of every state and US Territory along the walls – in alphabetical order.


Inside the campus chapel – imagine the weddings!  Ever been to one here?  


David, our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and high energy guide.  Follow me!

It was sad to see Jenny Lynn and Dan depart early on Sunday morning.  Wishing them well in their 12 hour drive back to West Michigan, we set our plans to buddy boat with Melody in Sea northward in the Spring of 2019.  The remainder of this day we spent recuperating, talking to family and friends while planning our next steps.  Stay tuned. . .


The Girvans heading home to Michigan until Spring!

Sammy Sayz:  Jenny Lynn and Dan didn’t bring Mac along so I had three long days on the boat by myself while they did whatever they do when they walk down that dock.  Today I had to have a bath but otherwise I am fine and am having a good time with long walks, dinghy boat rides, and equally long naps.  In case you are wondering, my leg is much better thanks!


Sammy (R) and Mac on a previous play date. 

Good Boat Name:  Adonia – The Waterway Guide classic 1947 design of John Trumpy, naval architect.  She is a relative of the Sequoia, Presidential yacht serving 7 presidents until President Carter decommissioned her during the oil crisis of the 80’s.  There is a great PBS special all about her.


Her proud owner Ed says, “the only thing that works on an old boat is the owner”.

Bad Boat Name:  Last Mistake

Quote of the Day:  “If you are an American,  your heritage is either Native American, Slave, Refugee, or Immigrant.  That is it.” unknown

Happy Birthday:  Rena, Anne and John

Get Well Soon:  Dwain

Congratulations:  Kathleen Hall  (friend and author:  Livonia, the Whitest City, published this week.  Interesting historical novel about Livonia during the 1968 riots.


We voted.  Please make sure you do too!





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  1. Well I am so happy to hear your survived Hurricane Michael/turned Tropical Storm. I have to tell you I worried about you and offered up a special prayer for you. Sounds like you are having a busy and wonderful time ♡


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