Braiding up the frayed ends (days 15-30)

We left Frankfort on July 12th to head back home to tie up loose ends and make good on important commitments.  It turned out there were many more loose ends and commitments than either of us imagined but we kept at it and were ready to head back to the Namaste 4 minutes before our ride arrived on Friday morning, July 23rd.  We accomplished and enjoyed grandchildren sleepovers, a wonderful ski boat weekend at Boyne, two official trips to Camp Lookout, a haircut for Sammy, haircut and pedicure for Jo Ann, financial and legal documents revised and signed, two chipped teeth fixed, new glasses adjusted, MSU final retirement on-campus tasks done, Sunshine (our 14 year old black cat) adopted to the farm (no, the real farm complete with horses and chickens),  Landmark Advanced Course completed,  and wonderful breakfasts, lunches, wine and dinners with family and friends.  The garden isn’t in as great shape as I would like,  I haven’t cancelled Comcast and we need to contract with the marina in Chicago to take down and ship our masts but everything else feels happily complete.  The farewells were bittersweet all around but it feels great to be back onboard the beautiful Namaste.  After the weekend in Frankfort including a peaceful dinner with Curt and Brooke and our first official, non-famiy visit from Monica this afternoon we will depart tomorrow, July 26, for Manistee and we’re on the loop again!


Drop off and pick up of Ashleigh at Camp Lookout – a grandparent’s honor and pleasure!




I am really leaving this garden . . .


. . . and this lake???!!!


Slooppy joes and corn on the cob with Liam and Klava after a great summer day on Dunham Lake.  Note Sammy looking for the crumbs.

One thought on “Braiding up the frayed ends (days 15-30)

  1. I like to think of all that ‘braiding’ as just maintenance that needed to be done. You never ‘got off the loop’, just actively sailing again! That’s great! Hope to see you soon.


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