Welcome summer! Frankfort to Pentwater, MI (Days 31-32)

We departed Frankfort early Monday morning headed to Manistee.  It was so calm that the Namaste ghosted slowly under power along the coast to pass by the Camp Lookout beach.  To our delight the entire camp came out to greet us on the shore complete with band, songs, hoots and hollers.  Curt, Brooke and Leonie were in the crowd somewhere and tears still well  with gratitude for yet another perfect farewell. As we swung back out to “sea” and the campers turned and headed back over the hill I thought of many bittersweet goodbye’s that life has offered.

It was such a gorgeous day that we quickly decided to bypass Manistee and set the GPS for  Pentwater where friends awaited.  It was a 8.5 hour/64 mile trip totally under motor as Lake Michigan was a sheet of glass.  I made cold pasta salad while underway which we enjoyed beneath the cover of the city marina’s gazebo in over 90 degrees.

If you haven’t been there, Pentwater is a delightful little lake town with everything you cold possibly want and more.  Judy treated us to breakfast at the Garden Cafe and then we did our usual walk in an unusual setting –  out the pier, down the beach, along the town and through the park.  Our walks and talks will be sorely missed.   Namaste is docked next to the Synchronicity where we will meet up with Marilyn and Ron later today.  Our other dock-mate returned from fishing this morning with a 26#/36″ King Salmon.  He got lots of attention!

Take good care everyone and enjoy summer!

Jo Ann, Jim, and Sammy on-board Namaste

Quote of the day – Try to enjoy the bitter and sweet in bittersweet.  I just realized that I am writing this blog for my grandchildren but also for my Dad who is along for the ride.

Boat of the day – AUK, a boat that just pulled into the marina.  Have no idea what the name means but it is a huge, old, blue and white trawler from North Carolina with a Loop flag.  Guess we will meet them and get loopy together!

Well, I don’t have enough of whatever it takes to upload pictures so stay tuned for those.  Any suggestions?


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