A Three Lighthouse Week (Days 39-42)

Since our last post we have traveled from White Lake to Grand Haven to Holland. Each port presents with  it’s own charming lighthouse to welcome us (see pictures below).  The weather has been beautiful offering abundant sunshine and warm temps.

Leaving the dock at White Lake I was at the helm.  It was an easy departure (read as not windy) but somehow I managed to crunch the starboard (red) running light.  I didn’t hear or see anything until Jim brought it to me in his hand!  I am sure it is a $10 item that will cost $50 at the next boat store and Jim will be in charge of installation.   It hasn’t altered my confidence as, after all, I didn’t see it!

Yesterday we cleaned, gave Sammy a much needed bath, did some much needed laundry, and rode our bikes 8 miles round trip for groceries. We easily carried $36 worth but then it wasn’t much since this wasn’t Meijers.  The best part was stopping for a burger and a beer at the Black Sheep Baaaa and Grill.

Last night we planned to walk the south pier at sunset but quickly learned from the guard at the gated community that  access was only possible on Tues and Thurs.  Somehow I thought tax $ paid for those piers. Anyway, I am getting it why these folks relate so easily  to Donald T.  Yikes!  Instead we went for a dinghy ride and were treated to being the unnoticed observers of a marriage proposal.  Jim looked up onto the north pier as we passed to see a young man on one knee and a beautiful young women sobbing while nodding her head yes as a ring was being placed on her finger.  Too sweet for words. Wishing them all the very best marriage has to offer.

Quote of the day:  “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.  And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”  Dalai Lama

Boat name of the day:  BOAT (written on the side if a very large, white, vintage “cabin cruiser”.

White River Light

White River Light

Grand Haven Light

Grand Haven Light

Holland Light

Holland Light

Me headed to an Internet connection to blog.

Me headed to an internet connection to blog.

Eldean Marina in Holland. The Namaste is  not the centered boat. You can see her just over it in front of the green roofed castle.

Eldean Marina in Holland. The Namaste is not the centered boat. You can see her just over it in front of the green roofed castle.

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