Crossing the Big Lake and a week in Racine, WI

Days 43-49, 80 miles traveled for a total of 316 statute miles in two states

Last Sunday we set out from Holland, MI and traveled the 80 miles across lake Michigan.  It was a very calm but not a particularly pretty day as everything out there was some shade of gray.  It took us eleven hours. Contrary to even my opinion, eleven hours goes by quickly when you trade one hour watches, have plenty to read and junk food to eat!

We arrived in Racine in the late afternoon to some minor fog but with the GPS, harbor books, and keen eyes we found our mark easily.  Reefpointe Marina here is perhaps the best marina we have ever experienced except, of course, our home port, The Harborage in Boyne City.   In addition to a beautiful pool, great laundry facilities, and a full ship’s store, our slip is a ten minute walk to everything in downtown Racine where we did some self and other present shopping today.

Mostly this has been a great stop because Georgie (Jim’s sister) and Roger live here.  They have been the finest hosts ever and we will always appreciate their hospitality and generosity.  Sammy has a new cousin, Gillie, a labradoodle  puppy.  They were a major focus and got along famously except when Gillie who outweighs Sammy by 20 pounds put her paw on Sammy’s back and pushed down.  Sammy squirmed, yipped and generally made her displeasure at the dominance known.

Other news:  Jim replaced the red running light I smashed and the bulkhead fan whose blade Jim stopped with his bare hand, the propane filled and the provisions replenished thanks to Georgie’s car and the local Piggly Wiggly!  It is very hot, even after a pounding thunderstorm last evening so we are moving slowly, drinking iced beverages and staying close to the pool and fans.  Oh yes, and my new best friend is Jasmine, my Verizon tech coach,  who helped me figure out how to manage my data after moving up to the 4 GB plan!  Oh the things I didn’t know!

Quote of the Day: “Chasing dreams and racing father time”  (unknown author but written on the boom of the s/v Denali in Racine Harbor)

Boat Name of the Day:  Infinite Diversion (on the blue hull of a large sail racing machine)

Lesson of the Day: There is a reason they put brims on hats!  On a more serious note, the calls, texts, and emails from family and friends are priceless.  We miss you all!

Happy Birthday Mike McFall!

Good-by Holland. . .

Good-by Holland. . .

Hello Racine

. . . hello Racine

Beautiful Racine Harbor

Beautiful Racine Harbor

Playing on the west Lake Michigan shore

Playing on the west shore of Lake Michigan

Gillie and Sammy stopping play for a picture.

Gillie and Sammy stopping play for a picture! 

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