The Not So Scary North Atlantic

May 31 – June 6, 2019

May 31 – Atlantic City lay day

June 1 – Atlantic City to Manasquan River, Hoffman’s Marina (61 miles)

June 2-3 – Hoffman’s Marina to Shrewsbury River, Rumson N.J on Ev and Clark’s dock (42 mi)

June 4-5 The Woodworth free dock to GKYC on Staten Island, NY (20)

June 6 Lay day at GLYC

Miles traveled this blog:  123    

Total Miles traveled: 5,609

Add New York as our 17th Loop State

We lived in Atlantic City two days longer than planned, one due to fog and the other for the captain and crew to renegotiate our planned route.  You see, from Atlantic City it is possible to take the inside route (inter-coastal waterway) or go outside again into the coastal waters of the North Atlantic, something that gets the average Looper’s anxiety attention.   At the last minute several boats in our flotilla that day impulsively changed their plans to take the inside route as the waters outside were rough with a north wind.  The Namaste captain had previously and clearly communicated that he would not take the much too shallow inside route which turned out to be the decision of the day!

One of our traveling buddy-boats went hard aground for many hours, leaking fuel as they listed until the tow boat arrived with enough water under their keel to get them off.  Additionally and gratefully it was reported to be uncomfortably rough on the outside.  Discussion over! We enjoyed a “screwed-up plan” day with nothing to do but read and sleep while sitting by the pool.

 The Golden Nugget Casino Pool – much more lovely than expected.  The colors and decor were said to have been selected by Trump’s wife at the time (not Melania).

Joe Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget.  Atlantic City in the background.

The following morning we were antsy to get underway for a variety of reasons not the least of which because someone explained that the casino at our marina, the Golden Nugget, had originally been the Trump Casino that reportedly “ruined Atlantic City.”  Another story for another day.

The seas were calm and the 61 mile/8 hour open ocean trip was lovely from Atlantic city to the Manasquan River.  Even with our best laid plans to arrive at slack tide, there turned out to be quite a current and lots of boat traffic on a Saturday. Manasquan is a fishing village and after we viewed the catches of a Thrasher Shark and four Blue Fin Tuna, we had cocktails on Aquaman and went to bed.  The tide was so high and the dock didn’t float so I couldn’t even get off the boat! 

A very dead (shot) Thrasher Shark

\Four Blue Fin Tuna – endangered until recently.

Cocktails on Aquaman

Trying to outrun some nasty weather that never materialized, we left at daybreak for Sandy Hook or the entrance into the lower NY Bay and on into Ev and Clark Woodworth’s home off Shewsbury River in Rumson, N.J.  The Florida waterway homes have nothing on this beautiful stretch of rivers in northern NJ. 

This is a shot of Sandy Hook (spit of land in the foreground) and NYC in the background.  Obviously not taken from the Namaste.  The entrance to NY Harbor is to the left of the skyline.

Just one of many in the Rumson area of NJ

Clark came out to greet us in the Sunset Delight Dink guiding us to their home.

The Namaste rushing to keep up.

We wound around until we came to their creek, a true hurricane hole where the Namaste rafted with the Sunset Delight for two days of talking, laughing, eating, shopping, seeing the local sights and generally enjoying great company.  Sammy loved the extra attention and  even got a needed grooming.

The Namaste nestled up to the Sunset Delight for two nights

Great stir-fry dinner

Captains Clark and Jim sharing boating and boat maintenance stories.

Ev and a picture/gift of the original Namaste she painted from a photo taken in Faro Blanco, Marathon two years ago!

$200 of provisioning in one tiny refrigerator/freezer. 

The entrance to Asbury Park, NJ where the 1960’s riots impacted the city much like Detroit.  Note the rainbow flag flying high.

The Asbury Park Boardwalk. . .

. . .and beach!


The above two pictures shows off a local art project.  Seen from different ends of the enclosure and all made of yarn strings.

Rag-a-muffin Sammy

Shaved-and-cold Sammy -cuddled on a blanket on Ev and Clark’s deck. 

All too soon it was time to leave and of course, there were way more options than we needed but finally settled on staying at The Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island (not quite as fancy as it sounds but friendly and easy).  We took the Staten Island Ferry into the City seeing the Statue of Liberty on the way;  the completed 9/11 memorial and museum as well as the new World Trade Center built just across the street.  It was a haunting and yet educational experience that we decided was a must. 

Our iconic Staten Island Ferry trip into the city.  It runs 24/7 for free!

A trip down memory lane – Evie and I took this tour ship around the Statue of Liberty 9 years ago while visiting the city for our birthdays.

Trinity Church

The Memory Wall in the 9/11 Museum.  The blue tiles depict the colors of the sky on that horrifying day.

The memorial fountain – one of two at the footprint of the Twin Towers

On their birthday a white rose is placed on the name of each person memorialized

The current World Trade Center – new, modern, bright, and full of life.

We also saw Trinity Church, the Wall Street Bull, and spent time relaxing in Battery Park.  17,000 steps and almost 7 miles later, we were ready to be back onboard with a glass of wine and leftovers.

We had planned to leave this morning but because we wanted to get our boat picture passing in front of the Statue of Liberty (a Looper right of passage) we are waiting for two Looper boats leaving tomorrow to share the photo shoot.  Meanwhile, Jim is addressing two, hopefully minor, plumbing issues – don’t ask!   Then we are go to pass NYC proper and up the Hudson River.

Good Boat Name:  Late Harvest (on a boat with a lovely Canadian couple)

Bad Boat Name:   Either there aren’t any or I haven’t been paying attention 

Happy Birthday to: Pat, Evie and Joe (Jim’s Dad) and Judy

Quote of the Day:  “When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you. . . you learn Grace.”  unknown   


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